What is the meaning and the definition of life?
I searched the definition life through http://www.webster-dictionary.org and here's what I got:
n.1.The state of being which begins with generation, birth, or germination,
 and ends with death; also, the time during which this state continues; 
that state of an animal or plant in which all or any of its organs are capable
 of performing all or any of their functions; - used of  all animal 
and vegetable organisms.

We all know when one thing has a life or not, but what is the criteria of life? I learned in Biology that there are 4 criteria for life, which are:
  1. All life forms must contain deoxyribonucleic, which for short is called DNA.
  2. All life forms have a method by which they extract energy from the surroundings and convert it to energy that sustains them.
  3. All life forms can sense changes in their surroundings and respond to those changes.
  4. All life forms can reproduce.

Some scientists tried to create a life form by putting chemicals and formulas altogether but never succeeded. The reason why man can never create another life form is because we are all created by one Creator, which is God. Man can never surpass God, for God is way greater and powerful than all the human beings combined.

The meaning of life for me is to live the story that God made specially for you. Walk with him to know the meaning of life as you take each step in your journey.

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