Today the world wears different types of views. I will be discussing the five major world views and will also tell you what view we should believe on and why. The five major world views are: Naturalism, Pantheism, Theism, Polytheism and Spiritualism, and Postmodernism.

1. Naturalism-Atheism, Agnosticism, Existentialism, and Evolution or Darwinism beliefs are all connected this main worldview which is Naturalism.

Naturalism is a world view that believes that there is no such thing as spirits, souls, gods, and other spiritual things. They believe that everything can be explained through natural law.

2. Pantheism-Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, New Age, and Consciousness beliefs all point to the world view of Pantheism.

Pantheism is a world view that believes that the universe and everything in it is part of god. They do not believe that god is personal, but he is unknowable.

3. Theism-Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are branches of Theism.

Theism is a world view in which people believe that one personal god exists. Theism believes that God created the world and the world has a beginning and an end.

4. Polytheism and Spiritualism- different religions around the world are a branch of this worldview. one example is Shinto.

Polytheism and Spiritualism believes that there are spirits in everything and that there are many spirits, gods, and demons that are behind the natural calamities and disasters.

5. Postmodernism- what a lot of the generation today believe on. I personally believe that materialism is a branch of postmodernism.

Postmodernism believes that god has nothing to do with their lives. They believe that they create reality by just living out each day of their lives. So for short, postmodernism knows that there could be a god but they don't care because they just look at what can be seen now,such as money, fame and power. 

So what now? I believe that I have already explained what to believe on on the last chapter. Yes, I believe in the worldview of theism but, take out the word "WORLD" in the word "WORLDVIEW" and change it into the word "GOD"S". We then get the word "GOD"S VIEW", which is the view that I strongly want others to believe on. God's view is practicing and living your life in His plan. Know Him to know what God is thinking and planning and run according to His story.

There are many things that we don't understand and questions that we want to ask but, we can only believe in God and do what He wants us to do. He gave us a letter in which we can learn what we should know so let us just believe in His Word, the Bible. 

Try as you might to seek for the answer in every question but, the only answer you will always get at the very end is to believe. I choose to believe in God, our LORD. You may then ask again why, but my answers will depend on what type of person you are, so here are my answers for different types of people:

>For people who are looking for answers through facts and academics- 'Go back to the Bible and search for the answers there. If you will then say 'How can I just believe on what the Bible says/?' then, compare the Bible with older books in which you believe on. Take Iliad for example....(read this article to see explanation:

>For people who are emotionally hurt- "Then again you can be comforted through the Word of God which is the Bible. You can find wisdom and comfort in all types of problems."

> For people who feel empty and live their life just as they see it and live their life by following the saying, "Today we feast and tomorrow we die."- Fill in that empty and strange feeling that you feel by allowing the words of God to reach you and fill you."

So I guess my answer all in all will be is to read the Bible and find what you are seeking in it.

Wake up, stop, and think why are you believing on what you are believing? Am I only doing this because others are doing this? Check your heart and motive why you are doing what you are doing. The enemy is always at work to ruin the path to God, but you can choose to stop it by ignoring the disguise behind those voices, urge, and temptation you feel.

Choose to believe in God's view.

Note: Eye world photo is from Google.

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