I already mentioned two great inventions which are electricity and technology. But there are more inventions and discoveries that we use today.
1. Modern Plumbing- 
Can you imagine bathroom breaks without our modern plumbing today? We should be thankful that we have modern plumbing today. 

Plumbing was said to be originated by ancient civilizations such as Greek, Rome, Persia, Indian, and Chinese cities. It was created for public baths on cities because drainage wastes and drinkable water was needed to provide for large numbers of people. 

Plumbing paved its way during the 1800's when cities were getting bigger and larger and the demand for plumbing and pipes for wastes and water ways was increasing due need for sanitation.

2. Incandescent light- 
Inventor- Thomas Edison
Can you imagine everyone today still living in candles everywhere even n cities? I guess we would here a fire truck coming to the rescue from time to time. Light through incandescent bulbs were the first electric lights that brightened Thomas Edison's days. This is another invention that we should be thankful for having. 

3. Phonograph-
Inventor- Thomas Edison
A lot of the generation today have a saying that says, "I cannot live without music.", well we should be thankful for this invention because without the phonograph, we wouldn't be able to hear recorded music. Without the discovery of phonograph, we wouldn't be listening to music through our I-pods and other gadgets right now.
This is the evolution of music playing formats or inventions in which we can hear recorded music. See that it all started with the Phonograph, but i'd like to add the Ipod and Itunes on the latest music playing formats.
4. Telephone-
Inventor- Alexander Graham Bell

If the teenager generation cannot live without music, I guess a lot of the generation today, whether teens or adults, would say that they can't live without phones. Telephones was created to communicate to other people with each other through a device with some distance. Today the telephone that Sir Graham Bell invented now evolved into portable, handy, touch phones.

5. Printing Press-
Inventor- Johannes Gutenberg
Although the records of the first printing press dates back to 3000 B.C. during the Mesopotamian civilization, Johannes Gutenberg was credited for inventing the movable, mechanical type of printing press in 1450.

Printing is also another invention that is very helpful to us especially for companies and such. Through printing, we can print photos, pictures, write-ups, stories, and other printable material in paper.
Modern printing press

There are a great lot more of inventions and discoveries that is very helpful to us today. We must just remember to thank the Creator who gave us wisdom to discover and invent such things.

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Today, the world works through two main discoveries, electricity and technology. What is technology? Technology is the making of tools and objects that helps man do his work. Machines, appliances, gadgets, means of transportation, weapons, these are all products of technology. Technology is a blessing to us but, it can also be a curse.

Technology runs our daily life and everyday work. When we cook, we use stoves and kitchen appliances; when we go to work, we use computers and machines that helps us in various ways. Technology is really helpful to us but, it can also harm us in a quiet way. 

Cellphones, laptops, tablets, computers, televisions, gadgets, these are some of the products of technology that runs the daily lives of the generation today. Yes, these are blessings but, it can eat your time in other priorities which you could have done. What makes gadgets eat our precious time? let  us say that internet helps as do our work but there are certain programs that is pulling us helplessly ,without us knowing it, to indulge and waste our time in unnecessary things.

Internet is a product of technology that has captured many of the generation today to use their time on. It is like a magnet tempting us to surf on it helplessly without even knowing what your goal is but continuing on doing it. I'll say that Facebook, Twitter, You-tube, and other sites and programs in the internet impacts most teenagers' lives today. 
What are we to do? How can we continue using this blessing without letting us be pulled helplessly? We need help from someone who is not attached to these things. Someone who is perfect and never gets swayed to worldly things. That someone is God. He is the only perfect being who lives and can help us avoid the tempting magnet that pulls us. The time we use doing unnecessary stuff with the internet can be spent on spending time with our Savior. In this way our eyes will turn away from worldly and earthly things, that doesn't last, and fix our eyes on Jesus. 
Matthew 6:19
"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus and set our goals on achieving things that will last.
Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus and set our goal on treasures that will last. I want to close with this song titled 'Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus".

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Telephones, chargers, internet, light, air condition, electric fans, gadgets, and other appliances are all powered by electricity.
Electricity is a power that helps things work around today. Isn't wonderful that we discovered electricity today? But I do wonder when it was first discovered....

The discovery of electricity though dates back about 2000 years ago when the Egyptians discovered the electric eel. They said that the electric eel was the guard of all fishes  zapping electricity if touched. The real history of electricity though, began around 1600's by William Gilbert. William Gilbert published his book titled ,"De Magnete", moved a lot of people in this field of science. 

Soon lots of inventors discovered new things in the field of electricity. Among those many inventors was Benjamin Franklin who contributed the knowledge that lightning and electricity are the same through his kite experiment. he also applied what he learned and invented what we call the lightning rod. The lightning rod is usually connected on high buildings and helps the lightning to safely be in touch with the ground without causing damage to the buildings.

A few days ago, I experienced what we call a "brown-out". (which is quite common in our country from time to time). In that brown-out incident, I learned that God can take all the comforts around me all at once. It taught me to be more thankful for the discoveries that God has given to man and for the now-unnoticed comforts we have today.

Technology, electricity, and  new opportunities, ideas, discoveries, and inventions. These are all blessings that God has given to man today. Without electricity we cannot cool ourselves with air-conditioning and electric fans or use light in different ways. Without electricity, I wouldn't be able to type what I am writing right now. We must remember to thank God for the wisdom He has given man to discover electricity.

I want you to picture for a few minutes, the ancient world before the world we are living today. The ancient world didn't use electricity or technology to do work in their daily lives; they all did their work manually.
Although of course we still have farmers, fishermen, dressmakers, and workers, nowadays life is much more easy. 

The first picture shows people living in a farm where each have their own jobs to do. One is fishing, the other tends the plants, another chops wood, one woman knits and sews clothes for her family, and even the child helps by carrying water from the well. For them to eat, they must either hunt or plant and wait for their crops to grow. They chop wood for all kinds of uses such as, for bonfire, buildings, and furniture. They need wood, stones, and dry grass to light up fires and to create fire, they didn't use match sticks back then but they ignite stones to create friction and fire.

The second picture shows that life is made easy for most people by using the stove to cook, buying their food in grocery stores, washing their clothes from the washing machine, and other discoveries that helped life around easier and better.

Always remember to thank God for the simple things and daily needs he has provided you with. :)