Telephones, chargers, internet, light, air condition, electric fans, gadgets, and other appliances are all powered by electricity.
Electricity is a power that helps things work around today. Isn't wonderful that we discovered electricity today? But I do wonder when it was first discovered....

The discovery of electricity though dates back about 2000 years ago when the Egyptians discovered the electric eel. They said that the electric eel was the guard of all fishes  zapping electricity if touched. The real history of electricity though, began around 1600's by William Gilbert. William Gilbert published his book titled ,"De Magnete", moved a lot of people in this field of science. 

Soon lots of inventors discovered new things in the field of electricity. Among those many inventors was Benjamin Franklin who contributed the knowledge that lightning and electricity are the same through his kite experiment. he also applied what he learned and invented what we call the lightning rod. The lightning rod is usually connected on high buildings and helps the lightning to safely be in touch with the ground without causing damage to the buildings.

A few days ago, I experienced what we call a "brown-out". (which is quite common in our country from time to time). In that brown-out incident, I learned that God can take all the comforts around me all at once. It taught me to be more thankful for the discoveries that God has given to man and for the now-unnoticed comforts we have today.


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