I already mentioned two great inventions which are electricity and technology. But there are more inventions and discoveries that we use today.
1. Modern Plumbing- 
Can you imagine bathroom breaks without our modern plumbing today? We should be thankful that we have modern plumbing today. 

Plumbing was said to be originated by ancient civilizations such as Greek, Rome, Persia, Indian, and Chinese cities. It was created for public baths on cities because drainage wastes and drinkable water was needed to provide for large numbers of people. 

Plumbing paved its way during the 1800's when cities were getting bigger and larger and the demand for plumbing and pipes for wastes and water ways was increasing due need for sanitation.

2. Incandescent light- 
Inventor- Thomas Edison
Can you imagine everyone today still living in candles everywhere even n cities? I guess we would here a fire truck coming to the rescue from time to time. Light through incandescent bulbs were the first electric lights that brightened Thomas Edison's days. This is another invention that we should be thankful for having. 

3. Phonograph-
Inventor- Thomas Edison
A lot of the generation today have a saying that says, "I cannot live without music.", well we should be thankful for this invention because without the phonograph, we wouldn't be able to hear recorded music. Without the discovery of phonograph, we wouldn't be listening to music through our I-pods and other gadgets right now.
This is the evolution of music playing formats or inventions in which we can hear recorded music. See that it all started with the Phonograph, but i'd like to add the Ipod and Itunes on the latest music playing formats.
4. Telephone-
Inventor- Alexander Graham Bell

If the teenager generation cannot live without music, I guess a lot of the generation today, whether teens or adults, would say that they can't live without phones. Telephones was created to communicate to other people with each other through a device with some distance. Today the telephone that Sir Graham Bell invented now evolved into portable, handy, touch phones.

5. Printing Press-
Inventor- Johannes Gutenberg
Although the records of the first printing press dates back to 3000 B.C. during the Mesopotamian civilization, Johannes Gutenberg was credited for inventing the movable, mechanical type of printing press in 1450.

Printing is also another invention that is very helpful to us especially for companies and such. Through printing, we can print photos, pictures, write-ups, stories, and other printable material in paper.
Modern printing press

There are a great lot more of inventions and discoveries that is very helpful to us today. We must just remember to thank the Creator who gave us wisdom to discover and invent such things.

Note: All photos are from Google.

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