Now to sum all the lessons up, what is the difference and similarities of the ancient and modern world?

Ancient World
-They depend on nature for medicine and there are few research in the field of medicine.
-Less formal education; Children are usually trained and homeschooled by their parents.
-Legs and bicycles for transportation
-Pure, fresh air, unpolluted nature and surroundings, and clean environment.
-Limited knowledge in academics.
-Lesser population. Live and die due to wars and outbreaks.
-Depended on farm, fishing, and hunting for a living.
-Lesser quantity of buildings
-Pictures are drawn or painted
-little freedom
-People are industrious
-Character is personally practiced.
-Religious and superstitious.
-Life is difficult

Modern World
-Depended on factories for medicines.
-Formal education is required. The "Training up a child in the way he should go" method is endangered.
-Automobiles and vehicles for transportation.
-Polluted air and environment. Mother Nature is endangered.
-Plenty of knowledge in academics.
-People are fruitful in numbers and population increases fast.
-Depended on various types of jobs for financial needs
-Buildings are not rare.
-Pictures are taken one-click away using various gadgets
-95% people are in liberty today.
-People are starting to be lazy.
-Character practice is slowly fading.
-People are materialistic and worldly.
-Life is made easier through latest inventions and discoveries.

-Both time period are aggressive and greedy in money, power, and fame.
-Creativity continues to bloom.
-People have the mentality that "With money, you have everything.'

So what now if I know the differences and similarities of both ancient and modern world? It is important to learn the things that we should continue to practice, research, and stop in both time periods.

For example, it is great that everyone can attain formal education, but teaching your children and passing the baton of what you've learned is still important and should be practiced. Superstition from the ancient world should be stopped, but we must not be materialistic too. Continuous research on medication is important, but nature can still be the answer to some diseases. We must also continue to protect Mother Nature and keep our environment from being polluted.

History is recorded so that we may not continue the mistakes we did before and to know our areas for improvement. This is the reason and the root knowledge we must learn from history.