In this portfolio, I will be showing my learning nuggets through the doodle I made. This nuggets are not only for this school year year and quarter, but it is starting nugget is when I was 1st year highschool connecting to my learning nuggets this 2nd year highschool Q3-Q4.
Learning Nuggets:
1st year highschool-
>Intimacy with God by being spiritually healthy. 
>Be spiritually healthy by walking with Him through praying and reading the Bible.
>Prayer is not only asking what we want from God, but prayer is also a way to communicate and worship God.

2nd year highschool 
>When you have intimacy with God, you will KNOW HIM.
>Difference of "to KNOW" God and "to have KNOWLEDGE" of God.
>Once we KNOW HIM, we will now MAKE HIM KNOWN.
>To MAKE GOD KNOWN, we must KNOW HIM and be filled with the Holy Spirit to proclaim the GOOD NEWS with power and conviction.

> Be filled with the Holy Spirit by walking in the light.
>Walk in the light by feeding the white dog.
>Feed the white dog by being spiritually healthy.
BONUS: 5 definitions of "to know"

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