Asian trait whether ancient or modern, the distinct character and traits of the Asians still remains until today. What are those distinct Asian traits?
  1. Spirituality- Have you noticed that in Asia, almost all of the religions are there? Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc... Asians are very spiritual and value spirituality more than any other thing. As I learned in my Asian History, Asians believe that "what is visible is temporal and what is invisible is eternal ". 
  2. Fatalism- Asians are are also known to be superstitious and believe that something either bad or good will happen if they do this and that.
  3. Stoicism- Asians accept death, misfortunes, and disasters in a more calm way than Westerners.
  4. Hospitality- Asians are well known for being hospitable even to strangers. Asians will make a way to celebrate birthdays and holidays even if they do not have the time and resources.
  5. Extended Family Relationships- For Asians, we treat our friends and people ,outside blood relations, who are close to us as our second family. Best friends treat each other as sisters or brothers. When you are in any Asian country, don't be surprised when an Asian approaches you and addresses you Yímā or Shūshu (Chinese for uncle and aunt); Onee-san or Onii-san (Japanese for older sister and brother); Tita or Tito, Ate or Kuya (Filipino/Tagalog for aunt and uncle, older sister and brother); Eonnie and Oppa (Korean for older sister and brother)---etc... 
  6. Sense of Continuity- The belief that "What comes around, goes around', is practiced by Asians through the Buddhist belief of reincarnation and karma
  7. Indirect Reasoning- Lastly, While the Westerners say what they feel and think directly, Asians are the opposite. One example is Jose Rizal of the Philippines; He could have joined the war against the Spanish by enrolling himself to fight, but he chose to write a book and write there how they were being treated by the Spanish.

I am not against Westerners, but there are positive and negative points on both sides. Well no one is perfect anyway....


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