Technology, electricity, and  new opportunities, ideas, discoveries, and inventions. These are all blessings that God has given to man today. Without electricity we cannot cool ourselves with air-conditioning and electric fans or use light in different ways. Without electricity, I wouldn't be able to type what I am writing right now. We must remember to thank God for the wisdom He has given man to discover electricity.

I want you to picture for a few minutes, the ancient world before the world we are living today. The ancient world didn't use electricity or technology to do work in their daily lives; they all did their work manually.
Although of course we still have farmers, fishermen, dressmakers, and workers, nowadays life is much more easy. 

The first picture shows people living in a farm where each have their own jobs to do. One is fishing, the other tends the plants, another chops wood, one woman knits and sews clothes for her family, and even the child helps by carrying water from the well. For them to eat, they must either hunt or plant and wait for their crops to grow. They chop wood for all kinds of uses such as, for bonfire, buildings, and furniture. They need wood, stones, and dry grass to light up fires and to create fire, they didn't use match sticks back then but they ignite stones to create friction and fire.

The second picture shows that life is made easy for most people by using the stove to cook, buying their food in grocery stores, washing their clothes from the washing machine, and other discoveries that helped life around easier and better.

Always remember to thank God for the simple things and daily needs he has provided you with. :)

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